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Aeshma & Malkuth
Akio hometown cover ch36 MA.jpg
Volume 09
Chapter 36
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Yen Press (JP)
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age January 2014
Release Date December 9, 2013

Judecca & World System


Trinity Form & Saver Down

Aeshma & Malkuth[1] is the thirty-seventh chapter of the Trinity Seven manga series, released on December 9, 2013 in Monthly Dragon Age January 2014 issue and later compiled in the ninth volume on August 9, 2014.


At the Royal Biblia Academy, the girls observes the events occurring in Sky Library through Mira's cracked grimoire in the Headmaster's office. However, Arin implores Arata to avoid fighting Abyss Trinity while the rest contemplate in worry. 

Meanwhile in Sky Library, Arata and Abyss continue to clash against each other while the building begins to break down from their skirmish. Lilith and Akio remark that Arata is slightly more powerful than the Crimson Demon Lord. Abyss orders Caina to execute his Thema "Fall", and in response, Arata commands his grimoires to analyze his magic. Their next engangement forces Arata back but the grimoires completed their analysis, explaining that the "Fall" will erase anything the magic touches.

Judecca with Mantra Enchant

Arata then instructs Judecca to use Akio's magic, imbuing the sword with Mantra Enchant, much to Akio's surprise. Charging towards the Demon Lord, Arata announces that Abyss should understand the feelings of the people whose lives he took. Prior to Arata's strike, Caina informs Abyss that anti-magic has been detected and is unable to maintain the spell before nearly half of Sky Library is destroyed. Upon witnessing Arata's onslaught, Lieselotte and Lugh comment that Arata disabled Abyss' magic using anti-magic while incorporating Mantra Enchant into Judecca to fight, shocked by the versatility of his magic. Afterwards, after recuperating, Abyss percieves that he has a disadvantage due to Arata mastering his third archive. Although Arata insists that the alternate Demon Lord surrenders, he also notes that he probably would not if he was in Abyss' position. However, when the Crimson Demon Lord announces that the time has arrived, Arata tries to warn Lilith but a large seal appears on Sky Library. Before she realizes, the Demon Lord Element within her appears and begins forcing to transform. Arata recalls her transformatiion resembles the same event with Hijiri and Ilia explains that Lilith is manisfesting the Luxuria Archive, Aeshma. Abyss orders his daughter to create an opening to their original world, causing a portal to appear which the Demon Lord estatically announces that his powers have returned. Fully restored, Abyss decides to demonstrate his prowess, revealing that his magic, Vanitas, will return the world to nothingness before casting his spell. Arata attempts to avoid the magic using Logos Art, but to his surprise, the spell still manages to seize him. Abyss explains that his magic will consume the entire world and is even capable of erasing Archives. Furthermore, he divulges the true nature of magic, the laws of the world created by a Demon Lord. 

Elsewhere, the rest of the Trinity Seven are surprised upon learning the truth about magic. The headmaster explains that the last process in a Magus' life is rewriting the laws of world, as well as destroying the world. While the girls remain troubled by the situation, Arin in particular is still concerned for Arata.

At Sky Library, while defendings themselves against Abyss' magic inside a barrier, Lieselotte and Akio are amused that Arata is in trouble, much to Lugh's confusion. The thief is surprised that the two intends to fight against Abyss, even if Arata is their Demon Lord. However, they simply respond that they like him before heading to join the battle, allowing Lugh the opportunity to escape. Around the same time, Arata dicusses with his grimoires for his next move, which Judecca notes that his chances is quite slim. Suddenly, Lieselotte and Akio arrive to support him and the three discuss Abyss' strength which he received by consuming his Trinity Seven. Arata remarks that being a Demon Lord must be lonely, reaching the end of his path and turning his daughter into a tool. Nevertheless, he decides that they will defeat him and requests the two to provide their strengths. The trio reconnects to their respective Archives and invoke their magic, but Abyss, having already foreseen their course of action, directing his magic towards them. Although, Arata reveals that his spell is not to fight against the Demon Lord before teleporting next to Lilith and invoking his spell on her. Embracing Lilith, Arata apologizes to her since she continues to become involved with dangerous situations. 

The Fourth Archive

Furthermore, after encountering Abyss, he realizes that along with Hijiri, she and the rest of the Trinity Seven have become an important part of his life. Desiring a world with everyone, he requests that she fufill his wish by staying with him which she tearfully agrees, reverting the Aeshma form. Abyss is surprised by the turn of events, realizing that Arata has gained control of the area with his magic. As Lilith reconnects to her Archive, Arata receives a new form upon gaining a fourth Archive to Abyss' disbelief.




  • Monthly Dragon Age January 2014

    The issue cover of Monthly Dragon Age January 2014 partially featured Lilith along with Mitsuki from Recently, My Sister is Unusual and Haruko from Maken-Ki.
  • Continuing from the previous chapter, Arata and Abyss began fighting one another while wielding their respective Demon Lord Weapons.
  • Yui, Mira, Arin and Levi observe the events occurring in Sky Library through Mira's cracked grimoire. Her grimoire originally shattered in the previous chapter when Arata used Judecca for the first time to destroy the guardian golem. 
  • As Arata charges toward Abyss while wiedling Judecca imbued with Mantra Enchant, he states that the Demon Lord should receive a taste of the people whose lives he destroyed. This is reference to the event when Abyss vanquished Akio's hometown in order to experiment with Caina revealed in Parallel Shift & Vanitas.
  • Abyss uses his daughter Lilith to open a portal to their original world to retrieve his original strength. The nature relationship was initially revealed in Forbidden Element & Aeshma, as well as the Demon Lord's reasons for sending his daughter across dimensions in Spriggan & Guardian.
  • During Lilith's transformation into Aeshma, Arata notes the process resembled Hijiri's transformation, referring to Hijiri manisfesting her Satan form in Luminas & Satan's Rage.
  • While Arata recalls his desire to save Hijiri, several past moments involving his cousin are displayed:


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