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Acedia Rave & Observer
Millione Lieselotte cover ch67 7M MA.jpg
Volume 16
Chapter 67
Author Kenji Saitō
Artist Nao Akinari
Publisher Fujimi ShoboJP
Magazine Issue Monthly Dragon Age August 2016
Release Date July 9, 2016

Full Burst & Waterside


High Level Girl & General Turn

Acedia Rave & Observer is the sixty-eigth chapter of the Seven Magicians series, released on July 9, 2016 in the Monthly Dragon Age August 2016 issue, and later compiled in the sixteenth volume on February 9, 2017.


Deep within a carve located somewhere withi Dante's Gate, Liese appears before Miglione collapses her time magic " Chrono Calculation " which causes on Miglione which causes he extreme pain.

Selena wakes up to see Liese, being shocked at Liese's new appearance asking if that's really her, Liese then hugs her telling her its really her. Miglione emerges from the rubble left from Liese's spell, an annoyed Liese say's the level of attack couldn't possible beat a Malebranche. Million proudly exclaims that, that level of attack can possibly be enough to beat her. Liesa immediately analysis Miglione within mere seconds much to Miglione's surprise. Liese mock's Miglione, telling her a high class mage such as herself  can easily see through slowly mages magic, this infuriates Miglione, she starts explaining how she had destroyed many nations and ascended herself into a monster Selina is surprised to learn that Miglione is the mage from legend who sunk countless nation and became a human eating monster. Miglione explains the merits of becoming a monster, Liese also agrees stating that becoming a demon one can use its magic king element as much as they desire. Miglione states her has become an existence close to the magic king and can not be defeated by a mage like Liese. Liese tells Miglione that what ever she had done in the past has nothing the do with her, what matters is she hurt Selina and can not be forgive. With a heavy sigh Miglione attacks Liese and Selina, but Liese tries with a spell, Salina  tries telling Liese Miglione has the ability to consume magic power, but was to late. Miglione attacks with her snakes which to have consume Liese.

Miglione began mocking Liese saying she can't possibly hope to beat a Malebranche, Selena tell her not to look down on one of the Trinity seven which Arata there magic king choose, Miglione is surprised as to feel such amount of pressure from an ordinary mage, then Liese appears before Miglione and Selina telling Selena she's done a good job, then release another time stop magic shocking Miglione who finally realized the magic being used was that of the last crest, Liese realizing she's been caught flashes a wicked smile as clueless as always Selina asks why she can move when time's frozen, Liese then explain that she hasn't stop time but slowed it down to a point where it seems so, Liese further explains how when trapped in a world were time stood still she began to study of the Acedia Archive aloud her to a high level transformation of the Acedia Archive called " Belphegor Form " Selena sighs a sigh of relief finally realizing Liese didn't turn into a monster, but still asked if she's still human, Liese assures Semina she's still human and she'll need a human body in other to do erodic things with Arata. Liese confronts Miglione telling her to surrender and give and might forgive her, Miglione refuse her proposal to which Liese calls Salina tell her to join her, with a slight hesitation Selina joins her, after with each other there both start chanting a spell to seal Miglione, finally noticing what there planning Miglione starts begging staying she they're many more humans she hasn't eating yet, Liese tells her she's not of Gula and to endure it. Liese and Selina celebrates their victory over Miglione, Liese also congratulates Semina for not having drop her Magus mode after such a powerful spell an overjoyed Selina states she's been working hard. Liesa then tell her  they'll definitely need her power if they're to survive the next enemy, Selina became confused towards the statement of her sister.

Just then a black hole appears releasing massive amounts of magical powers, after the strange phenomenon happen a massive monster appeared out of it stating the battle went according to his plans , Liesa introduces the monster as one of the Malebranche the " Interval Of Crooked Time ", Cagnazzo and also once known the paladin who originated the Logos Arts and lost to the frozen time Pythagoras.